Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The theory of Darwin proclaimed that species survive because their ancestors before them had certain superior traits that were passed down to their offspring. He believed that the unexplained circumstances in life counter any divine creation, because God would have intentionally made transparent reasoning for all things left unexplainable.

From Darwin’s prospective what God was supposed to BE; was perfect in every way, including all that He created, and therefore the imperfections in life were proof against God being responsible for creation of the world.

Thomas Aquinas that human existence is part of a divine plan (of Creationism). The imperfections are in fact perfect in God’s mind. There’s a purpose for everything, even the unexplainable.

Biologically man and other species are born into this world the way that they are. The question still remains why man is at the top of the food chain? Why man was made to be superior to the animals, vegetation, fish and crops placed on earth for man’s primary source of survival?

We are more than just a species that was more equipped to survive than others. It’s ironic that humans, who have something that no other organism have; the ability to evaluate our existence for a historical, contemporary and futuristic perspective. Who we are, and where we are going? Don’t seem to be as debated as the question of where we came from? Why is this knowledge so important for us to define?

In knowing our history part of what’s considered fact vs. fiction is the element of science. Therefore if biologists can determine the history of earth through fossil records it’s important to note that these facts earmark things that occurred in a time and place, what things probably looked like. Fossils are like a photograph of captured moments of history.

Now with relative science either previously developed or recently developed can calculate with some reasonableness a story or hypothesis of what occurred 100’s of millions of years ago.

With the evidence of science as an accepted barometer by society as factual evidence, so to is the story of the Bible which contradicts some of the scientific facts that are recounted about how the earth began.

The main thing that is consistent between both the recount of the Bible and scientific methodologies is we humans are often viewed as a superior species. Maybe that is true. Darwin would have us believe it was the evolution that brought us to superior species. And, un-foretold and unforeseen circumstances directed us though the maze of our own evolution from our ancestors with strong traits that so happened to bring us to a point where one man learned to make tools and solve problems. Well that’s one man’s theory.

However, survival is always the main component of evolution. Basic survival is influenced by environmental factors which force us to adapt. This truism would lead us to believe logically that if evolution was strictly tied to the environment then we probably would resemble robots rather than humans.
The environment has evolved significantly over the centuries, but humans relatively haven’t changed much in appearance.

So the question remains do our recognized superior traits allow us to control our evolution? Or are we still evolving to adapt to the changes in environmental conditions which adversely affect us in order to survive?

When the phrase is used “they don’t make them like they used to”! Does this also apply to human beings?

We recognize the evolutionary process was designed only for the fittest and strongest, but does tomorrows evolution mean the people that are the healthiest, least stressed, live the most Green Life, are the most intellectually adept are the ones that will survive? Just like the example of the evolution of cars. Will humans have to adapt to be more energy efficient, and safe?

It was Cicero who once said (contemporary translation) “Man not knowing the events that took place before in time, is like going through life as an infant”. Regardless of ones theories or ideological perspectives that fact remains that it is now and always has been man who’s deciphered what’s happened in history. Man made up the standards of science. Man determined the benchmark process of what’s acceptable or not in our society. Even the Bible is the chronicles of 8 men who through their own witness interpreted what occurred in history.

These facts are and will always be the impetus for a debate that will never be solved in contemporary times because no one was there to witness what happened! In our society it’s always so important for us to have one single answer for everything that effects our lives, especially when it comes to our history. Maybe there isn’t just one explanation, and maybe our history was a series of complicated and convoluted occurrences. I think that the evidence that we have discovered points towards the more complicated explanation than the Big Bang or any other singular theory.

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